Gary Wolf plays for Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

PwP: How did you get involved with PWP?

GW: Bryan Rush, a distressed securities analyst at our firm, told me and a number of others about

PwP.  It seemed like a really fun way to raise money for a good cause.

PwP: Why did you pick Damon Runyon as your charity?

GW: About 8 years ago, a close friend who was a doctor was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She was barely 40 years old, a non-smoker with no family history, and it turned out to be inoperable. It was just devastating to her family and mine. I knew that Michael Gordon was on the board and that John Angelo had also been quite involved involved with Damon Runyon, so I took our friend to the Damon Runyon annual breakfast where they talked about how they view the world of cancer research.   We were all so impressed with the innovative work they were funding. Their fellows were approaching disease in incredibly bold and creative ways and I suppose it gave us all hope. In any case, it’s been years since I first was introduced to their work and I continue to be impressed.

PwP: What have you liked about PWP?

GW: In order to be competitive in a contest like this, one has to invest aggressively.  There is no ability to diversify, rely on income, or hedge in any significant way.  While it is very different from what I do and what our firm does, it has been fun to follow the portfolio that I constructed as well as those of some of my friends at the firm.

About Damon Runyon

The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation funds early career cancer researchers who have the energy, drive and creativity to become leading innovators in their fields.  We identify the best young scientists in the nation and support them through four award programs: our Fellowship, Pediatric Cancer Fellowship, Clinical Investigator and Innovation Awards.

Damon Runyon awards give young scientists:

* Freedom to follow their own ideas, explore new paths and take risks
• A prestigious endorsement that attracts further funding, advances their careers and accelerates their research
• Guaranteed financial support, allowing them to focus on research and not grant writing
Since 1946, Damon Runyon has invested over $287 million in the best young minds in the nation.  Our alumni include 12 Nobel Laureates and leaders of major cancer centers across the United States.  Many of our more than 3,460 scientists have gone on to make breakthroughs in the way we prevent, diagnose and treat many forms of cancer.

100% of Donations Fund Cancer Research

To accelerate breakthroughs, the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation provides today’s best young scientists with funding to pursue innovative cancer research. We support young scientists who have great potential to achieve breakthroughs in how we diagnose, treat and prevent cancer.

Damon Runyon Foundation's goals are to:

• Identify and fund the best and brightest early-career scientists in cancer research
• Enable risk taking on bold new ideas
• Accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into new diagnostic tools and treatments

Saundra Marcel