Hedge Connection's Global Fund Forum

Lisa Vioni, Founder and CEO of Hedge Connection, recently spoke to PwP's Social Media Team regarding her involvement in our unique competition and her upcoming Global Fund Forum.

PwP: How did you learn about Portfolios With Purpose?

Lisa: Hedge Connection has had a strong history of charitable giving over the years. I heard about PwP from a colleague and I was intrigued with the concept of allowing people to choose a charity to support while competing in a stock picking competition. What a great idea. At it’s core, Hedge connection is a platform that combines technology with networking to bring fund managers and allocators together. Since our business revolves around an ecosystem that supports the financial industry, Portfolios With Purpose’s mini game opportunity seemed like a perfect fit as a charitable partner for us.  I love the idea that PwP gives players a platform where they can try to raise money for the charity of their choice. I believe this empowers people and gives them a lot of motivation to get involved in giving.  PWP also allowed us the flexibility of having an impact on multiple charities by offering mini games of our own.

PwP: Tell us a little about Hedge Connection and your Global Fund Forum?

Lisa: Hedge Connection is the only patented cloud based platform that offers virtual introductions that when accepted, always lead to a scheduled meeting. Our dynamic spectrum of marketing, content, decision-making tools and networking at multiple levels including via live meeting experiences is valuable to participants and unique to the industry.  We are the only company that has built proprietary technology to support our live event, The Global Fund Forum. In addition, we leverage our robust ecosystem on Hedge Connection to promote manager participants and sponsors before, during and after the event. If you are interested, there is still time to register for the Global Fund Forum 2015. It takes place in Bermuda June 22–24th.

PwP: Four of your five charities are on Bermuda. Why did you choose to support charities on Bermuda?

Lisa: It seemed like a natural choice given that we chose Bermuda as the host site for this year’s Global Fund Forum. I consulted with senior members of the charitable community on Bermuda for guidance in selecting organizations that serve specific causes I had identified including poverty prevention, women’s empowerment, children affected by substance abuse and arts education. In addition to the donations by participating investment managers, Hedge Connection will donate directly to each of these charities as well.  We also offered a mini game using PwP’s platform where players could choose one of the 5 charities to compete for in our Bermuda Challenge. The winners will be announced at the GFF on June 22nd.

About The Global Fund Forum 2015 in Bermuda

The Global Fund Forum 2015 revolves around thirty-minute, one-on-one meetings between fund managers and allocators in private Forum Suites. The meetings are arranged prior to the conference using Hedge Connection's proprietary scheduling technology. New for 2015, the conference will include investor panels, workshops and a Shark Tank style asset allocation competition called The Pitch.

This year’s Global Fund Forum will take full advantage of Bermuda with a Beachside Dinner Party, Cigars Under the Stars, and an afternoon Boat Cruise. For fund managers, registration includes advance promotion to the entire Hedge Connection ecosystem. Qualified allocators receive a complimentary event pass that includes the same meeting and networking opportunities and event technology access as managers. For more information, please visit https://www.hedgeconnection.com/gff/. Watch the Global Fund Forum video here.

About Hedge Connection

Launched in 2005, Hedge Connection is a patented cloud based marketing platform for alternative investment managers as well as a robust information portal for accredited investors. Efficiently combining virtual introductions through the Capital Club, with live meetings throughThe Global Fund Forum,  Hedge Connection has grown to become the most widely recognized and innovative, yet compliant, marketing solution of its kind for the hedge fund industry.

Hedge Connection's fund database provides investors with access to over 7,000 hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs. The Boardroom, the alternative industry's leading online social community, is woven into the fabric of the fund database and facilitates relationship building, networking, access to content and the free-flow of information.

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