Jim Hiltner has advice for picking a charity

You’ve made the decision to play—now it’s time to pick a charity. Fear not, PwP understands it might be harder to pick a charity than it is to pick stocks. Here are some quick tips to help get that process started:

We have been introduced by our competitors over the last three years to so many wonderful organizations all across the globe! Despite boasting over 400 vetted and approved non-profits in PwP’s Charity Database, there are still many more impactful organizations out there that we haven’t heard of yet. Even with PwP’s vast list of options, how do you approach the decision-making process to determine which charity you want to represent for the duration of the Competition? Is the right charity for you even in our database yet? Could you be the first to introduce PwP to the next big charity?

You know you want to support a philanthropic cause—you’re just not sure which one. There are a few approaches that others have found helpful when it comes to selecting a cause. The criteria that you set for identifying the right charity are completely up to you. First, look inside yourself and understand what your beliefs/values promote. Without knowing internally what your core beliefs are, you won’t be able to commit to one organization and support all of their programs.

Some people look for a charity that represents who they are and what they stand for. Others choose to fund a specific area or cause meaningful to their family. And still others seek out an organization that deals with a specific population or addresses a particular need. The options are endless and the reasons behind picking an organization are infinite—there is no right or wrong way, of course.

Just remember PwP has established vetting criteria to ensure that all nonprofits on our platform are worthwhile causes—so don’t worry, if you choose an organization from our list, you will be supporting a great charity.

If you still feel stuck you might want to speak with someone who’s been through the process and helped others in your situation. Our colleague, Sarah Raphaely, has been working in the non-profit sector for over eight years as a fundraiser and advisor. As a philanthropic advisor, she works closely with individuals, families, groups and businesses to help them make proactive and thoughtful philanthropic decisions. 

If you are interested in starting or recharging your philanthropic journey, please contact Sarah Raphaely at sarah.raphaely@gmail.com. Feel free to also reach out to Jim Hiltner, Director of Charity Relations, for further information at jim@portfolioswithpurpose.org.

Saundra Marcel