Charity Spotlight: Phyt Cares

Portfolios with Purpose supports charitable missions by connecting people who want to give with causes who are making a difference. Phyt Cares is a fantastic organization selected by our players which educates youth and communities through physical fitness.

Phyt Cares is the 501c3 non-profit arm of Phyt NYC which educates youth and communities through fitness. Its programs inspire participants to live an active and healthy lifestyle and also empower them to achieve their full potential through team-building and leadership skills while promoting fitness in a fun, friendly, and safe environment. In addition, Phyt Cares prepares them for young adulthood by introducing them to the necessary tools to adapt, confront, and overcome the social challenges encountered during this delicate and crucial stage of their lives rather than engaging in avoidance.

Since the non-profit’s inception in 2013, through its fitness programs, the organization has touched the lives of hundreds of youth throughout New York City, keeping at-risk youth off the streets and preventing recidivism. Since September 2015, Phyt Cares has had a partnership with Bronx-based ACACIA Network’s Youth Department of Corrections, where it has provided its programs to dozens of 14-to-18-year-old males once part of the criminal justice system three times a week. In addition, Phyt Cares has teamed up with the New York City Department of Education to provide after-school programs to students from Isaac Newton Middle School in East Harlem and high school-aged ones from the Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports in the Bronx. Phyt Cares also has global recognition through Qatar-based Save the Dream, whose mission is similar to that of Phyt Cares, promoting safe sports amongst youth.

Phyt Cares launched in Puerto Rico, doing business as (DBA) Phyt PR, in 2017 irrespective of Hurricanes Irma and Maria since founder Jonas Serrano of Puerto Rican descent was inspired to uplift people on the Island given the challenges they have been facing, and further create employment. (Phyt PR has both the 501c3 tax incentive and 1101.01 exclusive for Puerto Rico). Following the Hurricanes, Phyt PRs' mission has never been more urgent and the organization has extended its reach to support local athletes and fitness professionals. Phyt PR is extremely proud to have created employment for them by certifying them to work as trainers at Phyt NYC’s facility in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Phyt Cares throughout its tenure has partnered with prominent foundations including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Covenant House, Bent on Learning, ASPIRE, PASE (Partnership for Afterschool Education) and the organization would be honored to team up with more, along with schools and community centers so it can continue its positive impact it has had and touch the lives of even more people.

Every dollar helps strengthen the cause of Phyt Cares to guide more young men and women to a better place in their lives. Instead of becoming part of the criminal justice system, or dependent on government assistance, they can help strengthen our economy by becoming future leaders to positively impact their respective communities and subsequent generations of youth.

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Saundra Marcel