Charity Spotlight: The Conflict Center

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The Conflict Center is an organization focused on preventing physical, verbal and emotional violence by teaching the practical skills of conflict management and nonviolence to individuals, families, schools and communities.

For 30 years, The Conflict Center has provided programing that helps individuals develop strategies for anger and conflict management, problem solving and relationship building. From onsite classes to organizational workshops, whether youth or adults, participants learn to handle daily hassles and conflict effectively, to take concepts and ideas into their own lives, learning to see conflict as an opportunity to solve problems and build relationships.

In recent years, The Conflict Center has expanded into innovative programs focused on schoolwide culture-building, including social norming, restorative practices and hotspot mapping. For schools, working with The Conflict Center can help foster an environment where students, families and staff are heard and acknowledged, and where everyone works together to solve problems and meet each other’s needs. The Conflict Center offers a wide range of programs, from Reading for Peace at elementary schools to programs that focuses on building positive, healthy relationships in high school students.

“I have noticed a 100% transformation of my students over the school year,” one Denver teacher said. “The children are kind to each other and they demonstrate peaceful problem-solving skills on a daily basis. They understand The Conflict Center’s vocabulary and use it daily to describe conflict situations and their own feelings.”

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