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Benefits to investors of recovering foreign withholding tax described below by GlobeTax the world’s leading provider of foreign withholding tax recovery services for financial institutions and institutional investors.

Cross-border investment income (from stock dividends or bond interest payments) is typically taxed at a high statutory rate-- up to 35%, in some cases.

However, thanks to double taxation treaties, eligible investors can receive a lower tax rate. By reclaiming the difference between the ‘statutory’ and ‘treaty’ tax rates, investors can add an average of 25 basis points of risk-free performance annually. For tax-exempt entities like pensions and charities, that benefit can exceed 50 basis points.

Unfortunately, recovering funds can be challenging. It requires understanding complex rules and procedures unique to each foreign market. By example, the US is party to over 60 such double taxation treaties.

Investors with global portfolios should be aware of the potential drag on returns for incomplete action and support in this area. GlobeTax offers a complimentary review and analysis for investors who wish to understand the impact on their portfolios.

Founded in 1992, GlobeTax is headquartered in New York City and maintains offices in London and Madrid. The firm researches tax rates in 245 jurisdictions and maintains longstanding relationships with all major custodians, prime brokers, and tax authorities to facilitate swift recovery. In 2017, GlobeTax filed more than 7.5 million claims, returning over $2.5 billion to clients in over 40 countries.

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Christina Castro