Charity Spotlight: Convergence

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Convergence Center for Policy Resolution is a not for profit organization focused on solving social challenges through collaboration. Convergence convenes people and groups with divergent views to build trust, identify solutions, and form alliances for action on critical issues of public concern. This organization strives to engage business leaders, policy practitioners, non-profit executives, elected officials, think-tank experts, and academics in our unique multi-stakeholder process. Convergence envisions a world where leaders at all levels choose collaboration to address issues of national consequence.

The Convergence process builds trust and understanding and shifts the focus from conflict to action through structured, facilitated dialogue and long-term relationship building. The results of their projects include bipartisan federal and state legislation, public/private partnerships, public education and awareness campaigns, and grassroots networks. Their work demonstrates that trust, civility and compromise can shift the focus from winning the debate to collectively seeking solutions.

Right now, Convergence is tackling multiple complex national issues with diverse stakeholders from across sectors and the ideological spectrum. One current project is aimed at reforming the federal budget process so that Congress can pass timely budgets that fully reflect national priorities. Another initiative, Education Reimagined, is focused on transforming K-12 education from a school-centered to a learner-centered model, designed to enable all children to reach their full potential.

There is also a project addressing the way individuals reenter society after being in prison. The goal is to transform incarceration and reentry systems to maximize the successful integration of individuals back into society. In addition, Convergence is facilitating a dialogue to increase economic mobility for low-income Americans. This group of stakeholders is focused on enhancing work quality and workforce development in order to address the opportunity imbalance in this country. Convergence is also at work generating policy ideas that can foster bipartisan cooperation on national healthcare reform as well as a similar effort targeting California specifically.

All of these issues are critical to the lives of Americans and the functioning of our nation. In a time of such intense polarization, Convergence is committed to bringing people together in order to enact real change. At a moment when many are concerned about the fraying of our social fabric, Convergence’s approach can help restore our sense of community and strengthen our democratic institutions. To learn more about Convergence, please visit:


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