Charity Spotlight: A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO)


On average, a family in the developing world earns less than $3/day. Food and water can be scarce, housing options are minimal and medical assistance is hard to come by. But for a child who also suffers from an untreated limb disability, that scratches the surface. Without the ability to move independently, they must rely on family for the most basic tasks. On average, schools are three miles away - leaving no way to physically attend. Public transportation, even if available, is far too expensive.

Thankfully, that’s where A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) steps in. ALTSO is a NYC based non-profit bringing free orthopedic care to children with untreated limb disabilities in the developing world whose families cannot afford treatment. By providing high quality and continuous care through the age of 21 for all patients, ALTSO has treated more than 17,000 children. Mobility is opportunity. It’s independence and self-esteem. Mobility is education and dignity. It's hope for a better future. Mobility is so much more than movement.

In 2017, ALTSO worked with manufacturers in India to develop The Joshi, a modular prosthetic limb specially designed for ALTSO’s patients. Being modular, one piece can be swapped out as needed for repairs or as a child grows, rather than replacing an entire device. It’s durable for the terrains ALTSO’s patients live in yet lightweight for ease of use.

The Hedge Fund & Finance Community

ALTSO’s signature event series, Rocktoberfest, has been described as one of the most unique, fun and highly effective events in the finance and philanthropic sectors. Held in NYC, Chicago and London annually, Rocktoberfest unites more than 2,500 leaders from the finance industry for a night of rock & roll and acoustic music performed by industry professionals - all to benefit ALTSO's patients!

From August 14 - August 21, save $25 off ALTSO's HF Rocktoberfest tickets. Simply use the code PwPxALTSO.

Christina Castro